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Sliding doors

Sliding doors with a difference – The humble term 'patio doors' can only be used in the loosest definition - our extensive product range takes the term to another level.

From doors which slide into a cavities (pockets) between walls - or run on an extended tracks behind walls - through to parallel sliding tilting doors or perhaps the twin or triple track Grand Slider which despite its minimal contemporary profile performs as a heavy-duty sliding door system, capable of moving monstrous size glass panels effortlessly. The ability to specify which panels are to be fixed or moving makes it ideal as a sliding patio door – with the versatility of design being endless, even with the ability even to open up corners completely. IDSystems can maximise glass areas and minimise framework. All systems are precision engineered to guarantee you smooth, easy operation, weather tightness and high security as standard.

grand slider

Grand Slider (Aluminium twin/triple track) IDS99/155

Why limit yourself to standard sized patio sliding doors? The Grand Slider is a thermally broken aluminum sliding glass door system that enables you to create large exterior openings, maximising glass area and minimising framework, creating almost uninterrupted picturesque views, this truly is the sliding door for giants... Pocket sliding on an extended track, movable corner post options also available.

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ultra slider

The Edge Ultra Slim Line Slider

Designed to provide the largest glass expanses, with minimal framework. The system boasts a vertical sightline of just 24mm providing almost uninterrupted panoramic views. Combined with a simple to use high security locking system this system is ideal for filling large openings.

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sf20 glass sliding system

SF20 Glass Sliding System

Frameless all glass sliding door system provides an ideal room divider, with the option of a flush track for a level walk through. The system offers complete flexibility with up to five panels in each direction, including external applications such as balconies and winter gardens etc

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